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    The Everyday

    We Had a Baby, Last Year!

    We Had a Baby, Last Year!
    Newest addition to our Stranded On Saturday family arrived October of 2020. Wanted to feature the hand lettered Harry Potter themed baby announcement I did.

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    Tailgate Season!

    Tailgate Season!

    Tis' the season to get up early, meet up with friends and drink before 11AM. Tailgating is something I love to do during football season. I actually didn't go to a university, I attended a technical school for my degree, so I lived vicariously through all my friends and loved visiting their tailgates. As I've gotten older tailgating and enjoying football season has slightly changed. I'm totally okay with a 3pm or 7pm kickoff and hanging out at a friend's house while enjoying a beer or two with delicious snacks, potluck style. Or we love going to our local bar and cheering with the crowd. Either way, I love wearing my teams shirt with a cute dad style hat, and jeans. Keep it simple and comfy to cheer and EAT! Which style is your favorite?!




    Tailgating Outside of Game in Parking Lot

    Pros: Mimosas and bloody Marys are legit in the AM, throwing a hat on makes an easy add for any outfit and if your start early you can rest earlier! (is that my age talking?) Grilling out food is so good and bonus if you do breakfast burritos or something tasty for the morning kickoffs!

    Cons: Super early, weather can make a difference on good or bad experience


    Tailgate at Friend's House

    Pros: Easier to make yourself comfortable, potluck style food and better seats once game starts. I also feel the drink options are larger since you can setup space at home for a stellar alcohol spread. You can keep hanging out and watching the game.

    Cons: Removed from game slightly


    Tailgate at Bars

    Pros: NO PREP REQUIRED, you just show up and enjoy!

    Cons: More expensive


    Yay sports! Even you don't have a team to cheer for it's still fun to enjoy your friends, play some games and take the day to relax and cheer on a random team!