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    Welcome to Stranded On Saturday!

    I'm so glad you dropped by! Here at Stranded On Saturday we believe in happiness and laughing along the journey, not just celebrating the end goal. I believe in enjoying all parts of life, the good, the rough and everything in between. Choose what makes you happy and keep choosing to be happy, even in the mundane moments of your day. Enjoy that cup of coffee, the extra long shower or maybe another chapter of your book. Don't let the days slip by without gratitude and laughs. All designs are thoughtfully hand lettered and inspired by moments, thoughts, books, goals, friends, family, pets... you get it, inspired by this thing we call LIFE.

    Stranded On Saturday is a lifestyle brand about finding the happiness in life and to keep finding it. To enjoy the day-to-day along with the bigger events. It’s laughing with friends, falling in love, falling out of love, going out for happy hour or staying home a little more. It’s feeling empowered one day and then a little down the next. It's finding your happy and staying stranded there.

    SamThiessen_DesignerHello! I'm Samantha Thiessen, but since we're friends call me Sam. I'm originally from Texas, but am currently based in Chicago, IL with my wonderful husband, Ryan, and our dog, Todd (#MyDogTodd). I started lettering as a hobby and enjoyed it so much I decided to build it into something bigger. I started Stranded On Saturday in April of 2018 and have spent the years truly defining what it means to me and what I want to share with others. I have a design and photography background and have always loved drawing letters and found it to be very therapeutic. Everything is hand drawn/hand lettered and then digitalized for a high quality finish. I would love to collaborate or hear from you! Please reach out at