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    Welcome to Stranded On Saturday!

    Inspired by the best moments in life. The times you just want to stay a minute longer in. Mixed together with a little over-the-top and some down-to-earth kind of vibes. 

    Stranded On Saturday is all about those lasting memories you create with your best friends, loved ones or simply yourself! The moments you take a second and want to stay stranded in. The handlettered designs are pulled from that feeling and quirkiness that life brings out in us. Keep the laughs going, the nights longer and the friendships stronger. 

    Samantha Thiessen - Designer of Stranded on SaturdayHello! I'm Samantha Thiessen, but since we're friends call me Sam. I'm originally from Texas, but currently based in Chicago, IL with my wonderful husband and our dog, Todd (#MyDogTodd). I love drawing words and bringing ideas to life and sharing with you. You can find us usually at the beach in the summer, or trying to survive the Chicago cold in the winters.