Welcome to Stranded On Saturday!

Currently, I'm a team of one but I love creating and sharing with others. All designs are hand lettered and meant to add a little fun and romance to your life. I started lettering as a hobby and enjoyed it so much I decided I wanted to build it into something bigger. I started Stranded On Saturday in April of 2018 and spent the year truly defining what it meant to me.

Stranded On Saturday is a lifestyle brand about finding the happiness in life and to keep finding it. To enjoy the day-to-day along with the bigger events. It’s laughing with friends, falling in love, falling out of love, going out for happy hour or staying home a little more. It’s feeling empowered one day and then a little down the next. It's finding your happy and stay stranded there.

SamThiessen_DesignerHello! I'm Samantha Thiessen, but since we're friends call me Sam. I'm originally from Texas, but am currently based in Chicago, IL with my wonderful husband, Ryan, and our dog, Todd (#MyDogTodd). I have a design and photography background and have always loved drawing letters. It has always relaxed me and I love sharing my work with others. Everything is hand drawn/hand-lettered and then digitalized for print. I love to collaborate! Please reach out at Hello@StrandedOnSaturday.com.